Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here we go again...

After two days of relative calm, Sassy and Sadie were at it again last night.  Carl had to separate them before going to bed, he locked Sassy in her hallway/bathroom/laundry room with food and water and let Sadie run free.  This morning Sadie was her old growling, hissy, attacking self while Sassy was staying away from Sadie as much as possible.  Sadie ate her breakfast (and her pill) but instead of grooming and taking a nap, she attacked the flannel strip and wanted to play.  Sassy curled up on the sewing machine in the spare bedroom and took a nap.

I'm just throwing a theory out but if the aggression was caused by Sassy last night, eight hours of separation should have calmed Sadie down.  Perhaps it was the stray again.  It's the one thing, other than Sassy, that can enrage Sadie and often keeps her angry all day.  Sassy was locked up so she didn't make Sadie angry.

Maybe we need to concentrate on the strays.  We know there is a male, a female and two kittens roaming around close to our property.  The trap is on the deck but we haven't set it yet.  I was hoping the medication would work.  Tonight might be the night to set the trap and rethink declawing Sadie.  She lunged at me this morning and I don't have any doubt if she had connected, I would be bleeding now.

We're noticing small changes in behavior the last few days.  Sadie has taken over Carl's chair, sitting on the arm when Carl is in it and laying in the seat when he's not.  She's not been spending time in my craft room which was where she napped pre-meds.  She's learned to escape the living room when locked up, something she never tried before, perhaps that came from living in a cage.  When we first brought Sadie home, she was starved for affection, she always came when called and couldn't wait for someone to pet her.  Now, we have to wait until she's asleep to touch her without worrying about being attacked.  Yesterday, I was hopeful, today, I'm not.

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