Friday, August 16, 2013

Practically Paradise.....

All is quiet downstairs.  I spent an hour playing with both of the cats using the flannel strip.  Sadie was in Carl's chair and Sassy was on the floor right in front of the chair so I could flip the strip to both of them, one after another.  Sadie is asleep now on the window seat behind Carl's chair and Sassy is in her carrier.  Sadie ate all of her breakfast (and her pill) this morning.  When Sadie is relaxing, we can actually pet her now (no purring) but no aggression.  When she's in play mode, it doesn't pay to get too close to her with skin, she doesn't know the difference between skin and the flannel strip.  There was a little hissing this morning but by the time I got there it was all over so I don't really know what happened.  I just put Sadie behind the gate again and stayed with her while she finished breakfast and then I let her out again.  I need Sadie to understand that her aggression has consequences and keeping her from her windows is one of them.  We are still keeping our bedroom off limits from the cats.  It's nice not to sleep in cat hair, especially since we have a black and white spread.  Sassy gets hair on the black and Sadie gets hair on the white.  

Perhaps the fight the other day was a wake up call for both of them.  Sassy doesn't seem so fixated on Sadie anymore, she can go off and do other things and leave Sadie to herself.  I don't see Sadie twitching her tail so much today, either.  We've gotten our hopes up before when tensions relax, so I'm not holding my breath.  I am saying the peace and quiet is nice.

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