Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's awfully quiet downstairs

The last two or three days have been fairly uneventful.  We've had the occasional meeting at the corners, hisses, small growl, moving on moments.  Sassy has taken over Carl's recliner but Sadie runs up the arm to the back to jump to the window seat behind the chair.  Sassy lays behind my footstool to watch Sadie play with the flannel strip only to jump on it herself if it comes near.  Sassy sniffed Sadie while they sat in the dining room door together only to back off as if the smell was 'yucky' as my husband quipped.  Sadie runs around the house like a whirling dervish, over the back of the couch, onto the recliner, over my footstool only to flop down on the family room floor.  Sadie spent most of yesterday afternoon in the craft room in her cubby while Sassy slept in her carrier.  We believe that each cat should have a place where they are never bothered, a safe place to retreat to for their peace of mind and ours.  Sassy has always had her carrier, now Sadie has a place under a shelf in my craft room.

Sassy is resuming behaviors she had pretty much stopped when Sadie showed up.  She's back to jumping into my tub and playing with the ping pong ball I keep there.  She also likes to hide between the tub and the shower curtain so she can attack my ankles.  She's back to going potty on command.  If I'm doing laundry and she comes into the bathroom, I can sit on the toilet lid and ask her if she has to potty.  She will climb into the box and go to the bathroom almost every time.  So, while Sassy is approaching normal, we don't really know what normal is for Sadie.  Sassy has started carrying one of her small fuzzy toys to the bottom of the stairs to the top level and crying.  When I come down, she runs so I can chase her.  I think she would really love to play with Sadie if we can make that happen.

Sadie is still aggressive, but not as much since we started the Prozac.  If you try to touch her and she growls, back off.  But when she's ready for affection, she will come to you.  She loves to have her head and the base of her tail rubbed.  She still isn't big on being picked up.  She still wants to sleep under my chair.  Her hair is growing back and except for a dandruff problem, she gets more beautiful everyday.

Tomorrow is vet day so I will have something to report tomorrow night.  We're going to talk about behavior, dandruff and claws.  Sassy is just getting shots, she's almost perfect the way she is.  I will brush her good tonight so the vet can see what a gorgeous girl she's become.

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