Saturday, August 3, 2013

Watching Hoarders and throwin' stuff away...

So, last night while I was working I found a Hoarders marathon on TV and it reminded me that I haven't finished cleaning my craft room yet.  I did clear out about six trips worth of storage that I no longer needed which was immediately grabbed up by my daughter.  I've gotten most of the shelves done but still need to do drawers which are filled with lots of stuff I've never used.  I spent a half an hour working on cards and a half an hour cleaning out drawers, the more Hoarders I watched, the more stuff I pitched.  We have two major projects coming up in September - we have one more garden to clear out and all the flowers in it to transplant and all the craft room furniture to sand and paint.  Before we clean out my room, I will take pictures so I can share the before and after.  I do believe it will look much more polished when I'm finished.  I am struggling with colors.  I'd like my counter to be black and the cabinets either salmon or aqua or any number of other colors - do any of you have any ideas for colors?

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