Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rant, rant, rant...

Am I the only person that knows if you announce something like "visit our website for a chance at a date with Justin Bieber" you better have the servers to back up the traffic?  We recently received a letter from MediaCom, our internet and cable provider, telling us that the cable company was going digital September 1st and if you didn't have this thinga-ma-bob on your analog TV, it wouldn't be able to pick up signals after that date.  OK, everyone panic now.  AND they were surprised at the computer traffic on their website, it was actually down for three days.  And when you called, you got a recording telling you to check out that website.  Oh, yeah!  I'm feeling like Dish TV.  I was reminded of this when Good Morning America revealed a great deal at and all my Facebook groups were complaining they couldn't get on the Cool Gear website (it's a great place to buy items to vinyl).  So....companies, listen up!  If you announce a great deal, please have the people available to support your great deal or it turns out to be a crappy deal for those who can't get in and earns you some really bad press.

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