Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Off to Wisconsin...

Drinking coffee in the family room this morning, I heard a stampede of buffalo coming down the stairs from the top level, around the corner and down the stairs into the family room, two cats paused for breath and took off around the corner and down the stairs into the 'man cave'.  Minutes later, the stampede came up the stairs and both cats headed toward me, around my footstool and Sassy stretched out on the hearth while Sadie just plopped down for a rest.  No aggression (that we could see) just good clean chasing fun.  And they take turns chasing each other.  Sadie was still not happy with us - she growled when I tried to pet her.  And that's ok.  If she warns us before she attacks we know to back off.

We have decided to leave both cats when we go to Wisconsin.  Sadie is consistently taking her pill and we haven't heard any screaming from her (angry screaming, I mean) for over a week.  She stretched out in my craft room last night for a couple of hours while Sassy spent time with Carl.  And this morning, Sassy had her green glitter ball at the bottom of the stairs and was calling me - stupid me, I went down and she ran away, so I chased her for a bit.  Perhaps she's exercising ME.  I'm spending a lot less time monitoring them and a lot more time doing other things now.

Carl installed a screen door on our bedroom and stored the regular door in the garage.  We've had the gate up blocking the entrance but since it has to be totally removed when you go into the bedroom, it's hard to carry laundry in.  So, Carl bought a cheap screen door and now we can just turn the knob and walk in.  The gate has been removed to the living room and if problems arise while we're gone, Tiffany will lock Sassy up in the living room.  That way she can't show her displeasure by doing something nasty on the spare bed or my chair.  And Sadie can still have her window. 

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