Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Holding my breath....

Pill time for Sadie this morning was a breeze again.  The key is to mound the food, place the capsule on top and gently press it into the food.  I can see the capsule, it isn't buried but it's in a position to be eaten in the first several bites when she's really hungry.  She cleaned her bowl and since I just gave her a large tablespoon, when she finished, I gave her another tablespoon which she ate most of.  We have also been picking up supper after about an hour - if she doesn't eat it, she'll be hungrier in the morning.

Last night we attended a picnic with a camera club group (the first meeting of the new season is always a potluck picnic) and I was talking about the war at home.  My cat sitter and I had a conversation day before yesterday that went like this:  Me:  I've heard some people say if they had it to do over again, they'd have pets instead of children.  We're thinking we would rather have children than pets.  Cat sitter:  I've had both and if I had it to do over again, I'd adopt a highway.  Someone at the picnic over-heard me telling a friend about this conversation and said her vet suggested Compose treats for her sister and brother cats who fought all the time.  In all my investigation about cat aggression, I'd not run across those, so I checked it out this morning.  Apparently, it's a non-prescription calming treat that's $9.99/bag of thirty on Amazon.  For all the money we've spent on different kinds of food, vet bills and Feliway, $9.99 is a drop in the bucket, so I've ordered a bag that will be here on Friday.  Since Sadie is already on the Prozac, I'll feed the treats to Sassy who actually tried to nip me this morning when I picked her up to rub her belly.  We've never been sure who actually instigates the arguments - we see Sassy chase Sadie but not attack her - playing?  Aggression?  I don't know.  I know that when Sadie sits on the arm of Carl's chair with her tail hanging down, Sassy wants to play with her tail.  I know that both of the cats love to play.  When I do laundry, I sit in the family room next to the laundry room and watch TV until the rinse cycle so I can add Downy Fabric Softener (I don't like the sheets).  As soon as I sit down, both cats are close to my chair waiting for the flannel strip to start moving.  Same thing in the living room if I sit down to watch something, they wait for the green fuzzy thing to start moving.  It's the only time I can get them in the same room without hissing and growling (most of the time).

Sadie was up in my craft room this morning laying next to my chair and was up for a little petting.  I even picked her up for a couple of minutes before she wanted down.  Picking up Sadie is a little like picking up a bag of snakes, she's all writhing muscles.  Still no decision about Wisconsin.  I wanted to wait until the Compose showed up to see if that would work.  If it does, and if Sassy will take it more than once, we will leave them here to the tender mercies of Tiffany and her children.  If we do, we might request a once a day visit - breakfast.  Now that the litter boxes are being used regularly and I'm only cleaning them out once a day, perhaps wet food just once a day would work and make both cats hungry enough to eat with no problems.   Sadie's dandruff problem is getting better - less dandruff when I stroke her now but we're still squeezing the oil of one fish oil tablet into her food every day.  Our vet said Omega3 is wonderful for cats with dry skin and if that didn't work, she has something you actually rub into the skin that would help.  I'm not crazy about rubbing anything into Sadie's skin at this stage of the game, not sure Sadie would allow that yet without bloodletting.

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