Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pill, pill, who's got the pill

Sadie has completely given up on her wet food.  A sniff and then to Sassy's bowl.  Suddenly, I had an epiphany - I had purchased a bunch of size 3 gel caps from thriving pets.com when we were medicating Sassy.  The problem with giving Sassy a gel cap is she only licks the gravy, she doesn't actually eat the food.  Sadie, however, is a gulper, she eats mouthfuls.  So, this morning, I loaded a gel cap, opened a new can of Salmon pate (yum), made a mound and put the pill on the top and pushed it down just a little bit.  I waved it under Sadie's nose and she started eating, and eating, and eating until the pill was all gone.  If she can't smell it, she don't know it's there....  Today I win one.  Perhaps she'll never eat another one but I'm loading gel caps this morning.  Stay tuned....

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