Thursday, August 15, 2013

World War III

We had the biggest dust-up yesterday we've ever had.  We thought the stray had gotten into the house, Sadie was screaming, another cat was screaming and of course, we both rushed to see what was going on.  It was actually Sadie and Sassy (we've never heard Sassy do that before) under the dining room table going at each other.  I grabbed a spray bottle but Sadie chased Sassy into the family room and went at her again.  I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and finally Sadie broke off to jump in the window and Sassy went to hide.  We thought, well, that was a long time coming and perhaps Sassy now has the message.  Just to be safe, we put up the barriers to the living room again and locked Sadie up.  She stayed in lock-up most of the day yesterday until Carl and I assembled in the family room for our usual 'local news, national news, John Colbert and Jon Stewart' when we let her out.  It was easy to watch the two of them and although Sadie never calmed down, she did lay on the arm of Carl's chair for a while as long as he didn't touch her.  When he went to bed last night, he locked Sadie up again.  This morning, he fed her a tablespoon of wet food with her pill in it and she ate about half.  I had planned to spend time with her so took my coffee and newspaper up to the living room but when I moved the gate, she ran out.  So, she's loose in the house with Sassy right behind her and she hasn't finished her breakfast.  I think for a while, we're going to have to remove her dry food to make sure she eats the wet food and takes her pill (we're not even contemplating giving her the pill by hand) and we're still at least two weeks away from knowing if the pills are going to work. 

I went shopping on Tuesday and we stocked up on litter boxes and scoopers - we now have five in the house.  Sassy makes the rounds and puts a drop or two in each one.  We spent a year getting her to use the litter box, now she wants to use them ALL.

As I write, all is quiet.  Sassy was in the family room window and Sadie was in the spare bedroom window.  Sadie has a love/hate relationship with the chipmunk that lives under our front stoop.  She will sit at the front door for hours waiting for a glimpse of the little guy.  We've had to chipmunk proof our little garden in the 'courtyard', they used to dig all the dirt out of my pots.  We actually put chicken wire down over the dirt with a space cut out for the plant, then added mulch on top of the wire.  They discover the wire and quit digging.  Of course, the wire rusts so has to be replaced every few years but that's a small inconvenience compared to having seeds planted in huge numbers in all my pots.  And the chipmunks are great fun for Sadie who probably never saw one before she came to live with us.

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