Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh, woe is us....

Yesterday morning the grey and white stray made another appearance and Sadie actually got the deck screen slider open a little bit, enough so we have to lock it now.  Also, there are several small holes in it which drives us nuts.  Eventually we will have to replace every screen on the ground floor.  Sadie, of course, started screaming and both Carl and I rushed to find out what was going on.  Sadie was in the dining room, the stray was on the deck and Sadie wanted a piece of him - and not in a nice way.  We chased the stray off and finally got the trap out, but haven't set it yet.  While trapping the cat will keep him from Sadie, we don't know what to do with him after we trap him.  We are not prepared to adopt another cat.  The two we have is more trouble than we want.  So....we struggle for answers as to what to do.

Last night, in the middle of the night, the screaming resumed only this time it was our cats and aimed at each other.  Both cats were howling and Carl actually had to get the squirt bottle to stop it.  Not a good way to wake up.  Sassy has been walking quietly up to Sadie and batting at her tail.  Sassy's tail isn't twitching, and I swear it looks as if she just wants to play.  She isn't doing the running and stalking so much anymore.  But Sadie is grumpy all the time and doesn't seem to recognize the signs.  Perhaps she's never played with other cats before.  Sadie does love to play, however, she has lots of toys and loves the balls and the green fuzzy.  When I play with Sassy using the flannel strip, Sadie is always on the couch watching.  And I've even had them playing with it together although it sure doesn't last long.  I'm even wondering at this point if Sadie would benefit from Kitty Prozac.

But this morning, Sadie was in the window in my craft room and I went to say hello like I do every morning.  While I was petting her, she stretched out on her side and started purring.  A rare occasion for her but it gives me hope that someday she will trust all of us enough to let us handle her without aggression on her part.  I can pick her up and hold her for several minutes, sometimes ten or more minutes but that's rare, too.  And Carl can't pick her up at all.  I've also been attacking her claws - one at a time while she's sleeping.  One is about all she'll let me do.  We have vet visits coming up soon for both cats, perhaps the doctor will have an idea we haven't tried yet.  I would dread giving Sadie medicine with those claws and teeth.  And, speaking of claws, she like Carl's chair for claw sharpening even though there is a scratching post right next to it.  I've been using the squirt bottle on her when she does it.  It's not like there isn't a lot for her to use, the whole cat tower is a scratching post and the one in the family room was purchased just for her (Sassy has no front claws but likes to pretend she does). 

Carl said this morning that he finally feels as if he understands parents when they have unruly children.  He missed out on the parent thing even though he's pretty happy with my daughter; he still feels as if he's living with a couple of bad tempered two year olds.

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