Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poor Sadie...

Yesterday was movie day - my girlfriend, Ruthann, and I take turns cooking lunch and dessert on Tuesday.  We meet at my house for two movies since we have a big screen and a dark viewing room.  Yesterday was The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers, bringing to an end our Marvel Comic book series.  Sassy was asleep in her carrier most of the day but Sadie was up and about, jumping up on Carl's chair (where Ruthann always sits) and onto the back, into the window and back down again.  She spent some time on the footrest and Ruthann tried to pet her back with her foot.  Sadie screamed at her and Ruthann said she nearly wet her pants.  She was a little uneasy around Sadie after that, not that I blame her.

This morning I'm working in my craft room and rolled my chair back to get something.  I didn't know it but Sadie has crept up on little cat paws and laid down behind my chair.  She has a really bad habit of doing that so I usually look for her but didn't this morning and -- you guessed it -- I ran over some part of her.  Of course, she screamed and I felt really bad.  I tried to get her to walk for me so I could see if I had done any damage but she just wanted to slice me up.  I let her calm down a bit and eventually she laid down again to the left of my computer, out of range and let me pet her without trying to eat me.  She's more clingy than Sassy is, Sassy likes to be with us, not just me, but Sadie is all mine.

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