Monday, August 5, 2013

Sadie sleeps....

I've fixed Sadie a bed in my craft room under some shelving so she will be out of the way.  I'm always so worried that I will push my chair back and roll over her.  Not a good way to get the attention of a cat who tends to hold grudges.  She's been sleeping for three hours, I think the longest she's ever slept.  Maybe she sleeps at night, we wouldn't know.  But during the day she spends a lot more time awake than asleep.  I probably did a bad thing yesterday morning.  We had Kitty Prozac left over from Sassy so I took a half (which was Sassy's prescription and Sadie outweighs Sassy), crushed it up and mixed it into her breakfast.  I did the same thing this morning.  I realize it's supposed to take up to two weeks to work but I swear she's been less vocal and more sleepy today.  We tried the Feliway for several months but that didn't work and maybe this won't either, but it's nice to see her so relaxed even if it isn't the Prozac.  We have an appointment on Monday for both cats - their shots are due and perhaps the vet will have ideas we haven't stumbled upon yet.  We will also be discussing declawing Sadie.

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